Sustainable Fighting Sports for Vegan Lifestyle

Women’s Boxing Gloves

best womens boxing gloves

TopTen is known for bringing innovation and safety to Olympic boxing. The former supplier to the Olympic Games created a new line of super safe boxing gloves for women. Female boxers also receive the privilege of having their gloves being vegan as they are manufactured with modern Nubuk.

Rival RS 11V Sparring Gloves

Rival boxing gloves review

Innovative microfibre surface and a well thought out boxing glove architecture with solid wrist support are trademark features of Rivals new training equipment.

Vegan Boxing Gloves for Kids

vegan boxing

Conscious parents want to educate their children and raise them with awareness about materials used in sporting goods. Vegan boxing gloves for kids come in many shiny colours providing a suitable choice while saving our planet.

Sweatshop Free

striking pads

Let’s kick and punch the vegan way. Kicking pads of various sizes for kids and adults.