Vehement will close soon

Vehement will close soon
November 20th, 2017 Jan Lenarz
Jan Lenarz
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Dear friends and supporters,

I am sad to announce that I will close Vehement on 31 December 2017. It was a wild ride. Many awards from day one, sold out batches and tons of great feedback. What started as a weird idea became one of the most successful and innovative fight gear brands worldwide.

So the reason to end this adventure is not he abscense of success but a personal one: It takes a lot of work to run an international sports brand and I simply dont have the time or energy right now to keep Vehement running. I wrote the German bestseller about mindfullness and founded a publishing company in Berlin. As this is something that is more in line with my life goals I decided to focus more on my publishing company and to close down Vehement.

This is a very personal decision and by no means an easy one.

I am confident that I’ll find someone else who’ll take over this brand and who’ll give it their all. So many great products are in the pipeline but never made it into production. Now it is time for someone else. If you are interested in taking over Vehement please feel free to write me an e-mail to jan [at] vhmnt [dot] com.

All orders until the end of this year will be shipped and we’ll continue customer support as long as it is neccessary.

Thank you for the years of love and support,


CEO and founder of Vehement

Jan Lenarz

Jan hat Vehement 2012 gegründet, nachdem er es leid war mit hässlichen und minderwertigen Plastik-Handschuhen zu trainieren. Er trainiert seit zehn Jahren hauptsächlich Muay Thai und arbeitet als Rettungshelfer beim Deutschen Roten Kreuz und ist als Verleger tätig.

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