10 reasons why we are so quiet at the moment

10 reasons why we are so quiet at the moment
April 30th, 2014 Jan


1.) Kickstarter

We are preparing a Kickstarter campaign for our new organic t-shirt at the moment. We will announce a launch date soon! We want to collect $4,500 USD. If this fails, we will cry. A lot.

2.) USA

We formed an US limited company some days ago to get a US tax number, so we can import our fight gear to the USA and launch our LA warehouse. Yes, this is as complicated as it sounds. Especially getting an US bank account without being in the USA – it is a huge problem. But we will have set this up in the next days hopefully.

3.) Funding

We are broke but happy, and that´s alright! But we realized that we need funding to make our dream of a 100% Fairtrade factory in Pakistan a reality. So we are applying for a loan to keep things going: 25,000€ from a German bank, which is not much at all but should be enough to bring us through the summer. We are also looking for investors, which is tough as we want and will keep all shares in the core team. Vehement`s goal will never (!) be a maximization of profits. Investors hate us.

4.) New products

We are developing MMA gloves and shin guards right now, but we are still looking for the right manufacturer that can guarantee fair and healthy working conditions. Our gloves are already made sweatshop-free (ILO), but we want more. This delay may be annoying for a lot of you, and we totally understand that. But we will never rush those things. Good working conditions are part of our mission.

5.) New managing director for the USA

We teamed up with a famous pro MMA fighter. He is awesome and will represent us in the USA. This is big news and we will release his name when we announce our Kickstarter campaign

6.) Rebranding

We are redesigning the whole company at the moment. You may have noticed that we changed fonts and colors in the last posts and this is still a test, but we are pretty close to what we want to achieve. We had a big branding seminar with the The Art Directors Club. So the most talented people coached us for a whole day, which was absolutely amazing and the results will speak for themselves.

7.) New website

Our new distribution system will require an amazing website with a big ecommerce system that allows tracking and inventory control. This is taking most of our time at the moment.
We chose Woocommerce (WordPress).

8.) New partners

We teamed up with Sea Shepherd Deutschland, Aprons For Gloves, Definition For Ladies, and many other great projects. These collabs are fun but also take some time to take care of.

9.) Social Media

We try to update our social media channels regularly:
Twitter: www.twitter.com/vhmnt
Tumblr: vhmnt.tumblr.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/vhmnt

10.) You

We get a lot of positive feedback and a lot of questions from you guys, which is amazing. Keep writing us at info@vehement-mma.com. Also, write to us if you want to criticize us! We need strong feedback, positive AND negative so we can learn and develop this company. We mean it: if you think we do things wrong or if you have some ideas how you can support us, PLEASE write us. Jan, our founder, will take care of each email on his own and answer you in 2-3 days.

TL;DR: we are busy creating a hell of a company and our Kickstarter campaign is the next big step.

Jan founded Vehement in late 2013. He is in charge of product development, design and customer support. The graphic designer started his Muay Thai and MMA training back in 2004 in a squatted youth center. As he doesn´t receive any payment from Vehement he makes his living by coaching social entrepreneurs in the field of design and branding.